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Exhibit A - Owner Information Form

This Owner Information Form is attached hereto and made a part hereof the Rental Home Management Agreement between the Owner as defined below and Lake Eufaula Guest Services, LLC. The Designated Primary Contact defined below is authorized to represent Owner and to transact business on behalf of Owner as it relates to the Rental Home Management Agreement.

Please complete this form to begin your process.





*The signs are optional, but they really do help guests locate the house and feel confident that they're at the right place. The basic brown sign with white text that most neighbors have measures 30X9.


Our contract requires that you carry some level of pest control service. If you like your current provider you are welcome to stay with them. You have the option of using ALLSTATE Pest Control who offers CL Vacations a discounted quarterly package with customizable add-ons. See the information below with options and select your preferred choice below. Scheduling and billing are done through CL Vacations to make it no work for you!

  • Home-Zone Perimeter Plus- $75 per quarter/per location. This service will cover the interior and outside perimeter of the home.

    • Covered Pests: General crawling pests such as the occasional cockroach, mice, common spiders, scorpions, and ants, (excluding carpenter ants, invasive ant species, and fire ants). Infestations of cockroaches and mice will not be included and will be covered under a different service.

    • Uncovered Pests: Flies, brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, carpenter ants, raspberry ants, fire ants, bed bugs, bees, wasps (other than nests that can be knocked during the regular service), mosquitoes, birds, bats, snakes wildlife, termites, other wood boring insects and stored product pest. Services to control these pests will be considered out of scope from the maintenance agreement and will be quoted at the time of need.

​(All services will include call backs for additions services as needed.)

  • Mosquito Fogging Service- $45 per month/per location (Services are April-September) Includes treatment of shrubbery and exterior of home with a gas backpack fogger. If there is any standing water at a location it will also be treated with a larvicide.

  • Mole/Gopher Service- This service would be an as needed basis and will be quoted upon a location having an issue.

  • Termite Policy- $90 per year/per location. Includes yearly inspection and retreatment at no cost if an infestation occurs.

  • Turf Service- $50 a step/per location. $300 a year. This service is six steps a year performed every 6-7 weeks. The 1st and 6th treatment will be a pre/post emergent treat with the 4 services in between being fertilization and weed control.

Choose your pest control options


Our contract also requires that you carry some level of maintenance subscription with On-Site Services. We partner with Bert Scott and his business "On-Site Services" for some routine maintenance items. We will require one of these packages. 


Please see the options below to learn more and make your selection. I will coordinate that with Bert. We're excited to implement this partnership because we know your home will be in great hands!

Required to Choose One

  • Annual Membership $100/month plus the cost of batteries and filters.

    • Filters Maintenance

    • Smoke Detector Battery Maintenance

    • Smart Lock Battery Maintenance

    • These seasonal items: Unscrew water hoses, Cover outdoor spigots, foundation vents, sprinkler systems, and winter storm surveillance.

    • Priority for service calls and repairs by Bert's team

    • Another great advantage is we have found the repair contractors (plumbing, HVAC, appliance repair person, etc.) prioritize our calls to them because Bert brings so much business to them.

    • The weekly walk-through is totally customizable to your needs. For instance, if a customer is concerned with the watering of the lawn and shrubs, we will check the programming on the sprinkler system weekly. Just whatever specific needs you have.

    • At a minimum, we check the ceilings to ensure no leaks; we walk the entire house and flush toilets and run water in the sinks (just to make sure all is working); we check the thermostats to make sure they are set correctly; we check the refrigerator to make sure it is cold; we walk around the outside of the house to make sure all looks good and the outside faucets aren't leaking. (And much more -- those are just the basics.)

    • The walk-through occurs on either Wednesday or Thursday of the week -- so you have consistency and no more than 8 days in between the walk-through. Also, if you let us know by Tuesday evening that you are coming to CL that weekend, we can adjust your heat/air conditioning so that your home is not too hot/cold when you arrive.

  • Premium Membership $165/month.

    • Everything from the Annual Memberships and you are NOT charged for the cost of batteries, filters, or outside water spigot covers.

    • In addition, with the Premium Membership, we accept unlimited deliveries and meetings of repairmen at your home.

    • For each of these, we meet up with the delivery/repair person and will text photos of the delivery/repair and check everything to make sure it is done correctly.

    • We unlock your door and lock it back after the people in your home are done. That way you don't have to give your code to someone you don't know.

    • With the Premium Membership, you also receive a 10% discount on the labor for all repairs we personally make at your home and we prioritize your repairs.

    • So this is a great option if you are the type of homeowner who wants someone to make repairs throughout the year on your home and you want to ensure the problem is fixed before your next visit.



VRBO and Airbnb have the option to offer a “New Listing Discount”. If we want to offer them, we have to do it during this set-up process. They provide better visibility of your rental on those sites as the house is new and doesn’t have reviews yet.

Below I have given you the details for both offers.


There are some additional discount options that we can set up for you. Please read through this and make your selection.

  • VRBO

    • For 90 days, VRBO offers 20% off the first 3 bookings, anywhere on the calendar. Once those 3 bookings happen, or the 90 days run out, the discount goes away.

  • AirBNB

    • Top of the search page for 30 days

    • 20% off applied to first 3 bookings

    • Expires after 30 days.

  • 7 Days or More

    • For guests who book 7 days or more in a row, we can offer 10% off. It's not often that someone books for that many days, but when someone is looking for that length of stay, a discounted home is featured in search results.

  • Last Minute Discount - ​

    • We can also offer a 10% off “Last Minute Discount” which allows prime advertising to guests who are looking to book a last minute vacation home, 1-3 days in advance of check-in.

Selct the Box to Opt In


As a full-service property management company we do our own marketing for your home. We rotate all of our homes through our marketing platforms. Please make sure that you tag us @CLvacations when you make posts on Instagram or Facebook.


We work with EMPOWERED Designs owned by Brenna Stanford for our marketing, and just like our other services, you can enjoy discounted packages for your home's own marketing efforts. None of these are mandatory. Feel free to read through these options and make a selection below, or select "No Thank You".

  • Logo - $100 

    • This will be used on specific marketing items for your home. The main one is the "Stay Here" sign. If you forgo your own logo, we will make the sign with ours.

  • Social Media Engagement - 

    • 15 comments per week inside of relevant Facebook groups, referring your home - $75/month

    • 25 comments per week inside of relevant Facebook groups, referring your home - $95/month

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads - $200/month

    • This cost covers the ad setup, management, and metrics reporting. This does not include the ad budget and thereby costs of ad spend. (average ad spend ~ $100/month)

  • Social Media Marketing

    • In addition to your regularly scheduled features on CLV social media accounts, you can add one post per month. - $45/post​​

    • You may also set up your own social media account for your home. In this case, you would begin working with our marketing professional, Brenna to set up an agreement that suits your goals.


Other Marketing Options Provided by Brenna:

  • Content Marketing - 

    • Content marketing includes things like email lists, blogs, podcasts, and more.

  • Influencer Marketing -

    • Get help locating influencers who will come and stay at your home, give reviews, and create content for their audience.​

  • Website Management - 

    • While we provide each home its own space on our website as a part of our full-service, you may find that you would like your own space online so that you can host things like funnels for ads, blogs, podcasts, events, etc. ​

Choose All That Interest You


Please check yes to the things that your home has available to guests.

These things are REQUIRED. Please indicate if you currently have them.
Mark all that apply
Mark all that apply
Mark all that apply
Mark all that apply
Mark all that apply

Owner hereby authorizes Manager to retain on file the credit card information provided below and to utilize the credit card in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Executed by Owner as of the Effective Date

Thank you for completing this form. We have sent you an email! Check it for your nex steps!
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